Hey, if you’re a WINNER, check yourselves out
on our web site! We now have an exciting EXCEL ‘Winning Student’ Competition.

Yes, become a Winner (a Weekly – Monthly – and Winner of the Year) and receive a prize and let others know about your achievements (and a bit about yourself, too).


EXCEL recognises quality and achievement. Not just by graduating with an EXCEL certificate from our training schools but also rewarding you for your special efforts throughout your Grade E to Grade C studies.


So, let your attitude and results become an example to others.


Each week we will be awarding a prize for the best student in these Grades. And it won’t just be your colleagues who notice your winning ways on our web site. We will also be encouraging PSIRA-registered private security companies to check it out as well. After all they are the people who will be looking to employ you.



EXCEL is looking for this type of ‘Winning Student’



  • Who has a real interest in security as a career
  • Who participates actively during all classes and practical sessions
  • Who gets good academic marks
  • Who is self disciplined, and
  • Who stands out from the crowd.
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