Margaret Kruger

One of South Africa’s leading investigators of fraud and corruption Margaret Kruger seen here conducting a surprise evaluation of Excel's instructors with students in attendance.


Margaret is EXCEL’s co-owner and along with Bala Moodley is directly involved in ensuring that EXCEL’s instructors are given the best training and kept up to date on the latest security trends. She is responsible for devising EXCEL’s training methods based on her present training experience at university level and her experience in the South African Police where she once was the provincial head of the KZN Commercial Branch.


Fly High


EXCEL trains and instructs you to become fully qualified, private security officers so that you can get a good job within a PSIRA-registered, private security company.

To make this happen, EXCEL offers professional security training courses at its two training schools in Pinetown and Pietermaritzburg .

All of our courses are taught in both English and Zulu. (The exams and written material are only written in English). Remember, EXCEL is qualified to teach all of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) courses.

Depending on how far you want to go, EXCEL offers instruction in all the PSIRA grades, from Grade E to Grade A. The training courses start with Grade E.
Some people don't study beyond Grade D. But please understand that you really need to achieve a Grade C to give yourself the best chance of getting a job.

You can even study further and take the Grade A and B courses. These are offered if you want to become a supervisor or instructor.

Each grade as well as the specialised courses take one week to complete. They start on a Monday with exams written on a Friday.

And don't forget! For those of you who cannot come to our classroom lectures and training, don't despair! You can achieve your grades – or even upgrade your existing qualification - by using the UBUNTU accredited self-study book. All you have to do is come to any one of EXCEL's two training schools to write your exam.



Excel Secuity Guard Training CentresExcel


The Very Best

The security officer is a professional and so EXCEL offers all trainee security officers the very best training available in South Africa.

Since our company Marisk Management Services bought out EXCEL in 2003, we have learnt some very important lessons. One of these is that students respond best to practical teaching where you act out the roles you will perform when you have a job.


So, you don’t just learn from books. Of course we teach you the theory. But we also ask you to be an actor! Your buddies in the classroom become your public and you play out the security officer roles we ask of you in front of them. Yes, this helps you all so much in building your confidence and your communication skills.


Good public relations and communication skills are very important. You will get to know that the security officer is very often the first person that anyone meets before they enter or approach a house or property. So you are doing two things; representing your client and protecting that property.


When you have graduated you will understand that you will be ready for your job, you will be site-ready.


Depending on what grade you complete, you will know how to:

  • Complete a Pocket book or an Occurrence Book entry
  • Handle access control
  • How to conduct a search using searching sticks and metal detectors
  • Conduct parades and postings
  • Arrest suspects
  • Observe critically and report on irregularities
  • How to count goods for shipment
  • Conduct evacuations and account for all persons
Excel Secuity Guard Training CentresExcel Secuity Guard Training Centres


(Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority)

To be able to work as a security officer all security officers have to be registered with PSIRA.


  • You must be a South African citizen or have permanent residence status in South Africa
  • You have to be over the age of 18;
  • You cannot have a criminal record, and
  • You must be of sound mind.

The PSIRA material covers a wide range of subjects including the following:


Personal Hygiene
Legal (incl. questioning witnesses / giving evidence / court and court procedure)
Public Relations
Health & Safety (incl. fire safety)
Security: Its role and function
Bomb & Bomb threats
Guarding and patrolling
Access control
Completion of registers
Statements and reports
Protection of information
Supervision orders and instructions
On the job training
Group relations
Physical security & technology
Basic principles of investigation
Action at the scene of an accident
Handling conflict
Human behaviour (and gaining co-operation)
Interactions with subordinates and seniors

Excel Secuity Guard Training CentresExcel Secuity Guard Training Centres

Excel Extras


EXCEL offers you a great deal of extra help to ensure you succeed.  For example, if you can’t join our classroom studies, then we give you the chance to study at home by offering you the Ubuntu curriculum.


And we offer you more, too.

Once we have completed the examinable material we have a session on how to prepare a cv and attending an interview for employment.


Our instructors are passionate about succeeding and seeing you succeed. They will motivate you to set and reach your goals in life.


In Pinetown we have two HIV/Aids counselors available to answer any of your questions.


We will type out your curriculum vitae’s (CV’s) and photocopy other documents you will need to attach.


And what about this! All of the following below are included as part of our students registration process.

  • Writing materials
  • ‘How To Study’ notes
  • Notes on how to open a savings account and banking in general
Excel Secuity Guard Training Centres

Remember! You can study at home.


All of our courses are taught in both English and Zulu.
(The exams and written material are only written in English)