Message From Bala Moodley


Bala Moodley


I have been involved in the private security industry for the past 15 years. Before I joined EXCEL I was director of a large ISO accredited security company. Along with my partner, we controlled and ran a very large guarding operation (950 officers) for blue chip companies.

I need to tell you this because so much of what we say in this web site about EXCEL is based on our experience and expertise.

I believe the private security industry has a huge and growing responsibility in protecting our people, our families and their work places and businesses.

While we train you to the highest standards, we also make you appreciate how important your role is in society, both as a security officer and as a citizen. I don’t think people can become professionals if they don’t follow professional, responsible practices outside of their work. That is why our training includes things like life skills, how you, too, can practice many of the things you ask of others in the work place; things like honesty, tolerance and co-operation.

Finally, let me also address those top security firms that are looking to us to provide them with the best trained officers in this province. EXCEL welcomes you to contact our offices to confirm that an officer trained with us, for example. We want you to come on-site to see our facilities and witness Excel’s training, so that you are satisfied with our procedures.

Excel has become the best security officer training organisation in KZN because in my eyes our graduation certificate really means something; it is worn as a badge of great pride.



Bala Moodley
Excel Training Manager

Who We Are


Excel Secuity Guard Training Centres

EXCEL is a completely independent security officer training company. We don’t have any security guarding operation of our own.

EXCEL is owned by Marisk Management Services (MMS).
(Members: Margaret Kruger and Bala Moodley)

MMS is registered with PSIRA (Registration number 140 – 4905)
MMS’s PSIRA Registration numbers for their EXCEL security officer training schools are as follows:

Pietermaritzburg: 144 - 8636
Pinetown: 144 – 8629